Rainsford Youth Center Scorebook

Rainsford Youth Centre: scorebook, [? 1950s] Scores for eight matches, three only of which are recorded complete or near-complete. One match is [partly] dated, the note ‘5/6’ accompanying the umpires’ certification of the Social innings score in the first match. Openings 1-2 Rainsford YC v Social - Admirals Park,Chelmsford, 5 June Social 80 all out Rainsford YC 52 all out 3 Rainsford YC v Co-operative Co-operative 74/4 (only one innings recorded) 4 Rainsford YC v Writtle Rainsford YC 78/7 (only one innings recorded) 5 Moulsham v Rainsford YC - Moulsham Rainsford YC team names only: no score recorded (The home team is probably Moulsham Youth Centre: the Chelmsford Chronicle of 4 Feb. 1949 carries an advertisement for wardens at both Moulsham and Rainsford Youth Centres) 6 Rainsford YC v [? Social] Rainsford YC 41 all out (only one innings recorded) (All three members of the opposing team who are identified have the same names as players in the Social side in the first match in the book) 7-8 Rainsford YC v [? YMCA] Rainsford YC 97/5 YMCA 102/6 (Eight of the opposing team (or nine, if Risen=Ransome) have the same names as members of the YMCA side in the following match in the book) 9-10 (left-hand side) Rainsford YC v YMCA YMCA 100/6 Rainsford YC 46 (The page which should have recorded the bowling analysis for the Rainsford innings is absent) Leaf removed 10 (right-hand side) Rainsford YC v ? ? 104/? (The only surviving record is sixteen overs or so of the Rainsford bowling analysis in the innings of their unknown opponents). The rest of the book is blank.