Timperley CC Minute Book 1879-1880 (Transcribed)

Annual Meeting, January 25 th 1879 Present, Messrs, Hankinson, Fitton, S.Thompson, G.H Whitfield and William Bell. The following report was read, Your committee have much pleasure in submitting the second annual report, to the members and friends of Timperley Cricket Club. Your committee are glad to state that owing to the continual support of the honorary members, and a slight increase in the number of ordinary or playing members, the funds of the club are in a satisfactory condition. During the season of 1878 there were 57 members, of which 23 were Honorary, and 34 were ordinary or playing members, which numbers as compared with those of 1877, show a decrease of 2 Honorary and an increase of 7 playing members. As regards the results of matches we regret we are not able to record a large measure of success, but trust the coming season may show more favourable results. The 1 st Eleven played 15 matches of which 10 were lost, 2 drawn & 3 won, the 2 nd Eleven played 9 matches, 3 of which were lost, 3 drawn, 1 resulted in a tie & 2 were won. The total amount of subscriptions and donations as per balance sheet is £33,,9,,0 and of payments £32,,13,,4, the balance which is carried forward to 1879 (including £6,,2,,2 brought in from 1877) is therefore £6,,17,,10. At the first general meeting of last season, it was resolved to present a match bat to the member who should obtain the highest batting average during the season. In accordance with this resolution we find that Mr W.H Luckman with an average per innings of 7.5 runs is entitled to the ‘Blue Riband’ of the T.C.C, and we trust it may do him good service during the season 1879. Your committee regret that their efforts to secure the present ground for a term of years have been unsuccessful, or to meet with one in all aspects as suitable and convenient, and in consequence we have not expended any large amount in relaying the present ground. The playing members have therefore laboured under some disadvantage through the unlevel state of the present ground, and to some extent this may account for the want of success in matches during the last season. As to the future, your committee have decided to keep on the present ground for another season, with the expectation that their successors may before it closes, be able to enter into an engagement for a lease of the field and it is hoped this expectation may be realised, as we are of opinion that the permanence of the club very much depends upon the possession of a properly laid and levelled ground. Page 1