Lancashire League Handbook 2024

GENERAL CONDUCT REGULATIONS FOR RECREATIONAL CRICKET 2024 GN9 (WHERE WE WILL HOLD YOUR PERSONAL DATA) If the personal data is only processed in the UK you should state this. If the personal data may be processed elsewhere – you should specify where. Transferring data to some countries (especially those outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland) require additional measures to be put in place and you have to specify these in the privacy notice. GN10 (HOW LONG WE WILL KEEP YOUR PERSONAL DATA FOR) There are rules for how long you can keep personal data for (generally – not for longer than necessary to achieve the purpose for which you received it). It is a legal requirement for you to specify how long you will keep the personal data for in the privacy notice. If you do not have a specific retention date – you can explain the criteria you will use for disposing of the personal data.