UK Schools Matches 1794-1964 Index

Notes: This index lists inter-school matches appearing on Cricket Archive and principal printed sources Entries are for full scores only Abandoned matches without a ball bowled are excluded Matches are arranged alphabetically irrespective of home venues Many other scores are available in school magazines at: Lillywhite Green John Lillywhite's cricketer's companion 1865-1885 Red James Lillywhite's cricketers' annual 1872-1900 Cricket, Cricket Field, Cricketer Cricket 1882-1914 Cricket Field 1892-1895 in italics Cricketer 1921-1964 Key to books: Padwick A Andrew Scores of the cricket matches between Rugby & Marlborough (1906) 1497 AC Ashley-Cooper Eton v Harrow at the wicket (1922) 1437 AL Austen Leigh Eton v Winchester (1905) 1455 C Cochrane Repton cricket (1908) 1510 Co Cowburn Wykehamical scores (1838-1851) 1565 E Ellis Charterhouse records (1891) 1382 Fe Fellowes History of Winchester cricket (1930-1951) 1567 Fo Fox Clifton College cricket records (1892) 1395 G Guillemard Rugby School cricket scores (1894) 1521 H Hunter Records of Cheltenham College (1900) 1387 HG Home Gordon Eton v Harrow at Lord's (1926) 1443 I Ignotus Beaumont v Oratory (1926)/Some Beaumont scores (1934) 1368/1369 J James Cheltenham College cricket scores (1868) 1388 L Lyon Elevens of three great schools (1930) 1354 M Mason Winchester College cricket matches (1902) 1572 N Noel Winchester College cricket (1926) 1573 P Patterson Sixty years of Uppingham cricket (1909) 1549 PW Pardon John Wisden's public school matches (1898) 1355 R Roe Public schools cricket (1951) 1358 S Steele Bradfield v Radley cricket (1921) 1375