King Edward's School, Birmingham Cricket Records

110 XI. – MASTERS IN CHARGE AND COACHES Masters in charge of cricket W Baines 1921-1932 A E Leeds 1934-1946? J B Guy 1949-1964 D H Benson 1965-1986 M D Stead 1987-2007 L M Roll 2008- In earlier times, while there may have been no formal appointment, the following clearly played a role in advising the School team: T Collins 1860s-1870s C H Allcock 1880s J Manton 1900s-1910s A E Measures 1900s-1910s Cricket professionals G Brown 1884 J Edge 1885-1887 Standing 1888-1889 W Richards 1890-1893 (and 1897, but ill, replaced by Low) W Bird 1894 H H Noakes 1898-1899 J G Whitehead 1901-1902 C Charlesworth 1919-1920 E J Smith 1942-1945 D F E Cockle 1949-1972 A Smith 1982 G P Thomas 1983 P Knowles 1984-1988 R J Newman 1989-1992 (also 1998-2000) D A Houghton 1993 J Huband 1994-1997 D Collins 1998-2015 NW Round 2016-