King Edward's School, Birminbgham - List of Matches

64 2016 (P16, W8, L6, D2) 282 Not on Cricket Archive: KES v Bromsgrove Unknown 20 April L KES v RGS Worcester Unknown 23 April L KES v Bablake Unknown 27 April W KES v Solihull Unknown 30 April L KES v Old Swinford Unknown 4 May W KES v Wolverhampton GS Unknown 7 May W KES v King’s School Worcester Unknown 14 May W KES v Denstone Unknown 21 May W KES v Trent College Unknown 11 June L KES v Bishop Vesey GS Unknown 22 June W KES v Old Edwardians CC [LO] Unknown 23 June W KES v Loughborough GS Unknown 25 June D KES v Scotch College Melbourne [LO] Eastern Road 27 June L KES v MCC Eastern Road 28 June D KES v Old Edwardians Eastern Road 2 July W KES v St Peter’s Adelaide Eastern Road 2 July L 282 Wisden P 16 W8 L6 D2, Chronicle P14 W 8 L6 D0, doesn’t count abandoned matches v Loughborough GS and MCC, but start made. [LO] denotes matches known to have been played on limited-overs basis.