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Single-Wicket Cricket - A Checklist

This page has been researched by Matthew Smith.
With contributions from Pete Griffiths and Harry Watton.
For a detailed description see here.

DateVenueSide ANo of
Side BNo of
30 Aug 1726 ‡Moulsey HurstPerry of London1Piper of Hampton1FCTL Vol1 p33
28 May 1730 ‡WesterhamFour Men of Brentford4Four of Kent4FCTL Vol1 p41
4 Jun 1730 ‡Kew Green, near RichmondWesterham4Brentford4FCTL Vol1 p41
29 Jun 1730 ‡Micklam Downs, Surrey3 Men of Sussex33 of Surrey3FCTL Vol1 p42
9 Jul 1730 ‡Hawkhurst MoorHawkhurst3Three Sussex Men3FCTL Vol1 p43
26 Aug 1730 ‡Walworth Common[Edwin] Steed, Esq.4Four Brentford men4FCTL Vol1 p45
10 Jul 1731 ‡Maidstone, KentCaptain Beak1Lieutenant Coke1FCTL Vol1 p49
13 Aug 1731 ‡Walworth CommonA one-handed Gentleman of Peckham1A one-handed Gentleman of Hampton1FCTL Vol1 p51
11 Aug 1735Kennington CommonMr Wakeland3Mr Marshall4FCTL Vol1 p73
21 Aug 1735 ‡Uxbridge MoorMr Samuel Swift2Two of Uxbridge2FCTL Vol1 p74
24 Jun 1736Kennington CommonRichmond2Mr Wakeland2FCTL Vol1 p78
Jul 1736Kennington CommonMr Shepherd1Mr Hardwick1FCTL Vol1 p78
Jul 1736Kennington CommonMr Hardwick1Mr Bowles1FCTL Vol1 p78
1 Sep 1736Lamb’s Conduit FieldsLondon3Surrey3FCTL Vol1 p81
Aug 1737 ‡Kennington CommonOne of Wandsworth1One of Mitcham1FCTL Vol1 p89
8 Jun 1741 ‡Artillery GroundFive Gentlemen of London5Five of Richmond5FCTL Vol1 p103
11 Jul 1743 ‡Artillery GroundNewland of Slindon3Hodswell of Dartford3FCTL Vol1 p121
16 Aug 1743 ‡Richmond GreenFive Gentlemen of Surrey5Five of London5FCTL Vol1 p126
31 Aug 1743 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Richmond5Five of London5FCTL Vol1 p128
29 Sep 1743 ‡Artillery GroundVal. Romney1A Gentleman of London1FCTL Vol1 p131
13 Jun 1744Artillery Ground11FCTL Vol1 p138
20 Aug 1744 ‡Artillery GroundA Gentleman of Sevenoaks1A Gentleman of London1FCTL Vol1 p143
17 Sep 1744Artillery GroundLong Robin’s Side3R. Newland’s Side3FCTL Vol1 p147
1 Oct 1744 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin’s Side3R. Newland’s Side3FCTL Vol1 p148
24 Jun 1745 ‡The Pyed HorseHodswell of Dartford3Long Robin of Bromley3FCTL Vol1 p155
Jul 1745 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Slindon5Five of Dartford5FCTL Vol1 p159
21 Jul 1746 ‡Artillery GroundFour Millers of Bray Hill, Berkshire4Four best of Addington4FCTL Vol1 p168
6 Aug 1746 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin3Stephen Dingate3McCann p35
9 Aug 1746 ‡East BergholtA Gentleman of Colchester1A Gentleman of Ipswich1FCTL Vol1 p169
5 Jul 1747 ‡Artillery Ground5 of Slindon55 of Hadlow5FCTL Vol1 p174
6 Jul 1747 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Slindon5Five of Dartford5FCTL Vol1 p174
8 Jul 1747 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Bromley in Kent5Newland and four others of Slendon5FCTL Vol1 p174
10 Jul 1747 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Hadlow5Five of Slindon5FCTL Vol1 p175
15 Jul 1747 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Slindon5Five of Hadlow5FCTL Vol1 p177
5 Sep 1747Artillery GroundLong Robin3Stephen Dingate3FCTL Vol1 p180
6 Jun 1748 ‡Artillery GroundFaulkner5Dingate5FCTL Vol1 p182
24 Jun 1748Artillery GroundStephen Dingate3Two Bennets and Anderson3FCTL Vol1 p183
24 Jun 1748 ‡Bromley CommonLong Robin1Tom Faulkner1FCTL Vol1 p183
25 Jun 1748 ‡Addington HillLong Robin1T. Faulkner1FCTL Vol1 p184
4 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin1Tom Faulkner1FCTL Vol1 p184
4 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundTwo of Berkshire2Two of London2FCTL Vol1 p184
6 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundDingate5Faulkner5FCTL Vol1 p185
13, 15 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundFaulkner5Dingate5FCTL Vol1 p185
25 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundDingate5Faulkner5FCTL Vol1 p186
27 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundS. Dingate’s Side5T. Faulkner’s Side5Cricket 1900 p52
20 Aug 1748 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin5Joe Harris5FCTL Vol1 p187
22 Jul 1748 ‡Artillery GroundWaymark5Anderson5FCTL Vol1 p188
29 Aug 1748 ‡Artillery GroundT. Faulkner’s Side5Long Robin’s Side5FCTL Vol1 p188
5 Sep 1748 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin’s Side3Waymark’s Side5FCTL Vol1 p189
16 Sep 1748 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin and Waymark2Faulkner and Joe Harris2FCTL Vol1 p189
17 Sep 1748 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin and Waymark2Faulkner and Joe Harris2FCTL Vol1 p189
23 Sep 1748 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin3Faulkner3FCTL Vol1 p190
26 Jun 1749 ‡Godstone, in SurreyLong Robin and G. Smith2Two of Godstone2FCTL Vol1 p195
10 Jul 1749 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Addington5Five of England5FCTL Vol1 p195
17 Jul 1749 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Addington5Five of England5FCTL Vol1 p196
19 Jul 1749 ‡Gate Inn, Barnet CommonFCTL Vol1 p197
26 Jul 1749 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Addington5Five of England5FCTL Vol1 p197
12 Aug 1749 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin and G. Smith2Two of Godstone2FCTL Vol1 p198
17 Aug 1749 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin and a Gentleman from the Havant2Two Gentlemen from below Winchester2FCTL Vol1 p199
18 Aug 1749 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin6T. Faulkner6FCTL Vol1 p199
21 Aug 1749 ‡Artillery GroundLong Robin6T. Faulkner6FCTL Vol1 p199
26 Jul 1750 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Richmond5Five of London5FCTL Vol1 p206
17 Aug 1750New Romney8Witersham & Lydd8FCTL Vol1 p206
10 Sep 1750 ‡Artillery GroundDingate5Faulkner5FCTL Vol1 p207
14 Sep 1750 ‡Artillery GroundDingate5Faulkner5FCTL Vol1 p207
16 Sep 1750 ‡Artillery GroundSurry5Kent5FCTL Vol1 p207
17 Sep 1750 ‡Artillery GroundDingate5Faulkner5FCTL Vol1 p207
24 Sep 1750 ‡Five of London5Five of Addington5FCTL Vol1 p208
21 May 1751 ‡Tothill Fields, WestminsterWestminster3St James’s3FCTL Vol2 p5
3 Jun 1751 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Kent (with T. Faulkner)5Five of Surrey5FCTL Vol2 p6
5 Jun 1751 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Kent (with T. Faulkner)5Five of Surrey5FCTL Vol2 p7
19 Aug 1751 ‡Artillery GroundFive of London5Five of the Country5FCTL Vol2 p18
21 Aug 1751 ‡Artillery GroundFive of London5Five of the Country5FCTL Vol2 p19
23 Aug 1751Englefield GreenLord Howe1Lord Sandwich1FCTL Vol2 p20
26 Aug 1751 ‡Artillery GroundFive Country Players5Five of London5FCTL Vol2 p20
26 Aug 1751 ‡Artillery GroundFive of London5Five Country Players5FCTL Vol2 p20
28 Jul 1752 ‡FavershamRichard Buckhurst of Oare1Edward Mason, alias Biddenden, of Leeds [Kent]1FCTL Vol2 p30
10 Sep 1753 ‡Artillery GroundTwo Men of London2Faulkner and Joe Harris2FCTL Vol2 p39
28 Jun 1754 ‡George Taylor’s at DeptfordFaulkner and Joe Harris2Capon & Perry2FCTL Vol2 p44
1 Jul 1754 ‡Artillery GroundDartford5London5FCTL Vol2 p44
26 Sep 1754Brampton, KentThomas Brandon of Dartford1Parr of the Chatham Club1FCTL Vol2 p48
30 May 1755 ‡Hempton Green, FakenhamColonel TownshendLord OrfordFCTL Vol2 p55
31 May 1755Colonel Townshend5Lord Orford5FCTL Vol2 p55
26 Jun 1755 ‡Kennington CommonLondoners5Countrymen5FCTL Vol2 p56
28 Jul 1755 ‡Artillery GroundOne Gentleman of London and Joe Harris2Two Gentlemen of Surrey2FCTL Vol2 p57
29 Jul 1755 ‡The Old Serjeant’s FieldLondon5Surrey5FCTL Vol2 p58
13 Aug 1755 ‡Kennington Common3 of Brentford, 1 of Fulham, 1 of Wandsworth5Five of London5FCTL Vol2 p58
27 Aug 1755 ‡Kennington CommonJohn Frame of Warlingham2John Parry of London2FCTL Vol2 p59
6 Aug 1756 ‡Long DownSarah Chase of Boxgrove1Mary Coots of Chichester1FCTL Vol2 p65
28 Aug 1756 ‡Artillery GroundFaulkner5Five of the parish of Hambledon5FCTL Vol2 p67
6 Jul 1758Moulsey HurstWilliam Piper3Harding3FCTL Vol2 p87
31 Jul 1758 ‡Kennington CommonLondon5Camberwell, Stretham and Clapham5FCTL Vol2 p88
Aug 1758 ‡Kennington CommonLondon5Camberwell, Stretham and Clapham5FCTL Vol2 p90
15 Sep 1759 ‡Moulsey HurstThomas Faulkner3John Frame3FCTL Vol2 p99
15 Sep 1759 ‡Moulsey HurstAllen and Dowling [Durling]2Wood and Harding2FCTL Vol2 p99
24 Sep 1759 ‡Moulsey HurstAllen3Falkner3FCTL Vol2 p99
29 May1760 ‡ChichesterSamuel Tupper, Esq.3Capt. Scott of Simderland3FCTL Vol2 p102
15 Jul 1760 ‡AlfristonSam. Jenner of Alfriston1Storry Adams ofArlington1FCTL Vol2 p104
20 Apr 1761Epsom DownsThe Baker of Ewell1Die Game [Bry] of Headley, Surrey1FCTL Vol2 p110
24 Mar 1762Kennington CommonAn Elderly Gentleman of the Theatres1Three Young Gentlemen3FCTL Vol2 p117
12 Sept 1763 ‡Newport, Isle of WhiteThree Gentlemen of the Isle of Portsea3Five Best Men in the Island5FCTL Vol2 p130
30 Jul 1765 ‡Moulsey HurstFive of the county of Middlesex5Five of the county of Surry5FCTL Vol2 p148
30 Aug 1765 ‡Moulsey HurstKent3Surry3FCTL Vol2 p150
Aug 1766 ‡BrentfordBrentford2London2FCTL Vol2 p162
18 Aug 1766 ‡Artillery GroundLondon2Brentford2FCTL Vol2 p162
8 Sep 1766 ‡Richmond GreenFive of Richmond5Five of Westminster5FCTL Vol2 p163
17 Aug 1767 ‡Richmond GreenFive of Richmond5Five of Brentford5FCTL Vol2 p172
20, 21 May 1768 ‡Artillery GroundMann’s5Sackville’s5FCTL Vol2 p181
19 Jun 1769 ‡Artillery GroundGentlemen of London5Gentlemen of Bromley Mills5FCTL Vol2 p198
3 Sep 1770 ‡Barnet CommonCock, Draper, Ashley3Gray, Langley, Tapster3FCTL Vol2 p216
1 Jul 1771 ‡Parson’s GreenThe Son of a Knight1A Young Sportsman1FCTL Vol3 p4
19, 20 Sep 1771 ‡Artillery GroundLondon2Kent2FCTL Vol3 p20
4 Oct 1771James Martin, keeper of the Bat and Ball, Lavant Marsh1White, miller from Hastings1FCTL Vol3 p22
1, 2 Jun 1772Artillery GroundFive of the Hambledon Club5Five of Kent, with Minshull5FCTL Vol3 p31
15 Sep 1772 ‡Mims ParkMr Thomas Maw, of Hertford1Mr Thomas Broxham, of Kent1FCTL Vol3 p55
2, 3 Jun 1773Artillery GroundHampshire5England5FCTL Vol3 p67
20 Jul 1773 ‡GuilfordA Carpener1A company of nine Tailors9FCTL Vol3 p83
9 Aug 1773Sussex3 of Horsham33 of Findon3FCTL Vol3 p87
2 Sep 1773Kennington CommonStephen Sketchwell1John Juniper1FCTL Vol3 p95
17 May 1774 ‡the fields as MaryboneFive gentlemen of New Inn5Five gentlemen of Marybone5FCTL Vol3 p111
6, 7 Jun 1774Moulsey HurstHambledon with Lumpy5Kent with Minshull5FCTL Vol3 p111
20 Jun 1774Chichester33FCTL Vol3 p113
27 Jun 1774Marylebone FieldsMiddlesex5London5FCTL Vol3 p115
25 Aug 1774 ‡Danbury CommonMaldon2Stock2FCTL Vol3 p126
1774Royal Artillery GroundJ. Boorman5T.May5S&B Vol1 p20
16 May 1775 ‡St. George’s Row, Oxford Road55FCTL Vol3 p137
22, 23, 24 May 1775Artillery GroundFive of Kent, with Lumpy5Five of the Hambledon Club, with White5FCTL Vol3 p137
17 Jul 1775 ‡Artillery GroundBullen3Colchin3FCTL Vol3 p148
3 Aug 1775 ‡Moulsey HurstSix Maidens6Six Married Women6FCTL Vol3 p150
8 Aug 1775 ‡Blackheath2 gentlemen of Surrey22 of Hampshire2FCTL Vol3 p150
26 Sep 1775 ‡WyeThree Gentlemen of Wye3Three Gentlemen of Stalisfield3FCTL Vol3 p154
20, 21 Jun 1776Artillery GroundSurrey5Kent and Middlesex5FCTL Vol3 p167
26 Jul 1776 ‡Artillery GroundS—h & B—r2B—l & S—n2FCTL Vol3 p175
6, 7 Sep 1776 ‡Broadhalfpenny DownAlresford5Nursling Club5FCTL Vol3 p183
9 Sep 1776 ‡Broadhalfpenny DownAlresford5Nursling Club5FCTL Vol3 p183
12 Sep 1776 ‡Chatham BarracksMr William Bidwell of the Brompton Club1Mr William Austen of the Chatham Club1FCTL Vol3 p184
16 Sep 1776 ‡Broadhalfpenny Down55FCTL Vol3 p184
28, 29 May 1777 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Hambledon Club5Five of England5FCTL Vol3 p194
20 Aug 1777 ‡CocksheathMaidstone2Lamberhurst4FCTL Vol3 p207
18 Sep 1777 ‡The Chequers, BrentwoodTwo of Hampshire2Two of Essex2FCTL Vol3 p212
27 Sep 1777 ‡Three Gentlemen of the Maidenhead Club3Eight of Maidenhead8FCTL Vol3 p213
2 May 1778 ‡Hadlow Down, Mayfield3 of East Sussex33 of West Sussex3FCTL Vol3 p220
23 Sep 1778 ‡Langley, MiddlesexSix Old Men6Six boys6FCTL Vol3 p231
10 May 1779On the Forest, NottinghamA young Man of Nottingham1A young man of Kent1FCTL Vol3 p237
28 May 1779Houndsdean BottomThe Gentlemen of Lewes7Gentlemen of the environs of Lewes7FCTL Vol3 p239
4 Jun 1779Bell Inn, PackenhamA gentleman of Stowmarket1A gentleman of Packenham1FCTL Vol3 p239
7, 8 Jun 1779 ‡Artillery GroundFive of Hampshire and Surrey5Five of Kent5FCTL Vol3 p239
14 Jun 1779Bell Inn, PackenhamOne of Stowmarket1One of Packenham1FCTL Vol3 p240
24 Jul 1779 ‡Lindfield Common3 of Sussex33 of Surrey3FCTL Vol3 p244
25 Aug 1780 ‡Priestwood Common, BracknallTwo gentlemen of Wokingham2One each of Bagshot and Maidenhead2FCTL Vol3 p264
2 Sep 1780Bishopsbourne PaddockFive of the Hambledon Club, with Lumpy5Five of Kent, with Bedster5S&B Vol1 p45
1781Moulsey HurstFive of the Hambledon Club, with Lumpy5Five of England5S&B Vol1 p46
28, 29, 30 May 1782Moulsey HurstSix of the Hambledon Club6Six of Kent6S&B Vol1 p55
16, 17, 18, 19 Sep 1783Bishopsbourne PaddockSix of the Hambledon Club6Six of England6S&B Vol1 p60
26, 27, 28 July 1784Stoke Down, HampshireSix of Kent, with Bedster6Six of the Hambledon Club6S&B Vol1 p61
6, 7, 8, 9 Sep 1786Bishopsbourne PaddockSix of the Hambledon Club6Six of Kent6S&B Vol1 p68
2, 3, 4 Aug 1787Lord’sSix of Kent6Six of the Hambledon Club6S&B Vol1 p75
21, 22 Aug 1788Lord’sSix of England6Six of Hampshire6S&B Vol1 p88
29, 30, 31 Sep 1788Bishopsbourne PaddockSix of Hampshire6Six of Kent6S&B Vol1 p89
9, 10 Jul 1789Stoke Down, HampshireSix of Kent6Six of Hampshire6S&B Vol1 p94
27, 28 Aug 1789Roebuck Field, KentJ. Boorman (of Canterbury)1Woolett (of Wrotham)1S&B Vol1 p98
9 Jun 1793Lord’sHon. — Brudenell1— Welsh, Esq.1S&B Vol1 p148
24 Jun 1793White Conduit FieldJ. King (of Sussex)1John Hoole, Esq. (of Twickenham)1S&B Vol1 p151
22, 23 Aug 1793Lord’sThree of London3Three of Brentford3S&B Vol1 p160
11 Aug 1794Lord’s— Ray2W. Bedster2S&B Vol1 p173
9 Sep 1796Lord’s— Jones, Esq.2R. Whitehead, Esq.2S&B Vol1 p212
13 Sep 1796Lord’sT. Walker2— Ray2S&B Vol1 p212
17, 21 Sep 1796Lord’sW. Fennex2T. Walker3S&B Vol1 p212
22, 23 Sep 1796Lord’sJohn Wells2R. Robinson2S&B Vol1 p212
28, 29 Sep 1796Lord’sThree of Surrey3Three of England3S&B Vol1 p213
29, 30 Sep 1796Lord’s— Gunter2— Bland2S&B Vol1 p213
6 Oct 1796Lord’sW. Burton1— Ray1S&B Vol1 p213
7 Oct 1796Lord’s— Ray2— Jones, Esq.2S&B Vol1 p213
12 Sep 1797Barrack Field, WoolwichC. Reed’s Side3T. Ward’s Side3S&B Vol1 p228
11 Jun 1798Aram’s Ground, WalworthW. Fennex1+2Three of Mitcham3S&B Vol1 p233
6, 7 Jul 1798Lord’sEarl of Winchilsea’s Side3R. Whitehead, Esq.’s, Side3S&B Vol1 p237
20 Jul 1798Lord’sEarl of Winchilsea’s Side3R. Whitehead, Esq.’s, Side3S&B Vol1 p239
Aug 1798Lord’sTwo of Waltham Abbey2Two of London2S&B Vol1 p243
28 Aug 1798Lord’sR. Whitehead, Esq.’s Side4Lord F. Beauclerk’s Side4S&B Vol1 p245
2 Sep 1798Ware Marsh, HertfordshireWaltham Abbey, with Ray3Three of Hertfordshire3S&B Vol1 p246
3 Sep 1798BlackheathTwo of the Montpelier Club2Two of Woolwich2S&B Vol1 p247
10 Sep 1798Tewin Green, HertfordshireW. Fennex1+2Three of Hertfordshire3S&B Vol1 p249
11 Sep 1798Tewin Green, Hertfordshire— Ray1+2Three of Hertfordshire3S&B Vol1 p249
24 Sep 1798Lord’sThree of Hertfordshire3W. Fennex1+2S&B Vol1 p250
25 Sep 1798Lord’sThree of Hertfordshire3— Ray1+2S&B Vol1 p250
1, 2 July 1799Lord’sR. Whitehead, Esq.’s Side4T.A. Smith’s Side4S&B Vol1 p255
10,11 July 1799Lord’sLord Milsington’s Side4Captain Maitland’s Side4S&B Vol1 p257
11 Jul 1799Lord’s— Ray2— Blunt2S&B Vol1 p257
2 Sep 1799Marsh’s, RochesterThree of the Rochester Club3Three of the Bridge-Hill Club3S&B Vol1 p264
3 Sep 1799Marsh’s, RochesterThree of the Rochester Club3W. Fennex1+2S&B Vol1 p264
10 Sep 1799Barrack Field, WoolwichTwo of Rochester, with Ward, of Woolwich3W. Fennex1+2S&B Vol1 p265
27 Sep 1799Aram’s Ground, WalworthHampton, of Montpelier1Ray, of Marylebone1S&B Vol1 p265
1 Oct 1799Lord’sRay, of Marylebone1Hampton, of Montpelier1S&B Vol1 p265
Jul 1800Lord’sW. Barton1+1Two of Waltham Abbey2S&B Vol1 p273
15, 16,19 Aug 1800Southborough W. Richardson2— Driver (of Wadhurst)2S&B Vol1 p277
Sep 1800William Lambert2— Neale3S&B Vol1 p282
6 Aug 1802Ashstead Bottom, near EpsomMr Davy’s Side2Lord F. Beauclerk’s Side2S&B Vol1 p298
16, 17 Sep1805Lord’sThree of Surrey3Three of England3S&B Vol1 p323
27, 28 Jun 1806Lord’sThree of Surrey3Three of England3S&B Vol1 p327
6, 7 Jul 1810Lord’sW. Lambert2Lord F. Beauclerk’s Side2S&B Vol1 p360
14 Jul 1813Lord’sThree of Mitcham3Geo. Osbaldeston, Esq.1+1S&B Vol1 p369
4 Jul 1814Lord’sFour of Hampshire4Four of the MCC4S&B Vol1 p373
28 Jul 1814Lord’sThree Gentlemen of Marylebone3Three Players of England3S&B Vol1 p376
15 Aug 1814BunneyLeicester1Nottingham1S&B Vol1 p378
2 Aug 1815Chatteris, Isle of ElyJohn Smith, jun1George Evans8S&B Vol1 p383
21, 22, 23 Aug 1815Forest Ground, NottinghamGeo. Osbaldeston, Esq.1+1Two of Nottingham2S&B Vol1 p383
S&B VolV pxiii
30, 31 Jul 1818Lord’sG. Osbaldeston, Esq.2+2E. H. Budd, Esq.4S&B Vol1 p414
1820Lord’sE. H. Budd, Esq.1J. Brand, Esq.1S&B Vol1 p436
18 Jun 1821Lord’sMr Budd1+2Mr Brand1+2Morning Post,
20 Jun 1821, p3
2, 3 Aug 1821Lenham, KentFour of Lenham4Four of Gillingham4S&B Vol1 p446
30 Apr 1825CambridgeThree Undergraduates of Cambridge3Three of Bury3S&B Vol1 p509
5 Oct 1825Newenden, KentFive of Kent (so called)5Five of Sussex (so called)5S&B Vol1 p534
2, 3 Jul 1827The Royal Ground, BrightonGeorge Brown2James Broadbridge2S&B Vol2 p16
16, 17 Jul 1827Darnell, near SheffieldW. Broadbridge2T. Marsden2S&B Vol2 p23
18 Jul 1827Darnell, near SheffieldJ. Broadbridge2T. Marsden2S&B Vol2 p23
5 Aug 1827Lord’sJ.H. Dark2J. Cobbett2S&B Vol2 p29
5 Aug 1827Lord’sJ.H. Dark1J. Cobbett1S&B Vol2 p29
5 Aug 1828 †Lord’sFour of Hampshire4Four of England4S&B Vol2 p58
30 Aug 1828GodalmingThree of Godalming3Three of Alton3S&B Vol2 p65
30 Oct 1828Wandsworth Common— Potter2T. Brown, Esq.2S&B Vol2 p71
8 Oct 1829Chilton Down, near WinchesterThree of Winchester3Three of Farringdon3S&B Vol2 p104
12 Oct 1829Darnell, near SheffieldNottingham1Sheffield1S&B Vol2 p104
23 Apr 1830Midhurst— Warner2— Terry2S&B Vol2 p104
12 May 1830Petworth— Pullen2— Warner2S&B Vol2 p105
4 Jul 1831Forest Ground, NottinghamS. Redgate1Thomas Heath1S&B Vol2 p148
8, 9 Aug 1831Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldThree of Sheffield3Three of Nottingham3S&B Vol2 p157
12 Aug 1831 †DerehamP. Gurdon, Esq.’s Side4Sir St. V. Cotton’s Side4S&B Vol2 p158
10 Oct 1831Parker’s Piece, CambridgeSaffron Walden1Cambridge1S&B Vol2 p168
19 Jun 1832Chatteris, near CambridgeSaffron Walden1Cambridge1S&B Vol2 p178
30, 31 Jul 1832Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldHenry Sampson1Samuel Bradbury1S&B Vol2 p191
22 Aug 1832Leeds Park, KentThomas Hills1Alfred Mynn1S&B Vol2 p198
4 Sep 1832Town Malling, KentThomas Hills1Alfred Mynn1S&B Vol2 p202
26, 27 Sep 1832Forest Ground, NottinghamNottingham1Leicester1S&B Vol2 p204
27 Sep 1832 †Forest Ground, NottinghamNottingham2Leicester2S&B Vol2 p205
28, 29 May 1833Twyford Down, near WinchesterThree of Alton3Three of Winchester3S&B Vol2 p210
11, 12 Jun 1833Alton Butts, HampshireThree of Alton3Three of Winchester3S&B Vol2 p214
17, 18, 19 Jun 1833Hulme, ManchesterThree of Nottingham3Three of Sheffield3S&B Vol2 p216
18 Jul 1833NorwichThomas Marsden1Fuller Pilch1S&B Vol2 p225
5, 6, 7 Aug 1833Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldFuller Pilch1Thomas Marsden1S&B Vol2 p231
6 Aug 1833Bedale, YorkshireRichard Letby1W. Busby1S&B Vol2 p231
16 Aug 1833Harewood Park, YorkshireR. Letby1W. Scott1S&B Vol2 p234
26 Aug 1833Hadlow Common, KentThree of Hadlow3Three of Maidstone3S&B Vol2 p237
2 Sep 1833Lock Meadow, MaidstoneThree of Maidstone3Three of Hadlow3S&B Vol2 p239
14 Oct 1833Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldJames Dearman1Thomas Heath1S&B Vol2 p244
2 Jun 1834North Street Walls, YorkW. Busby (alias Boston)1R. Letby1S&B Vol2 p249
26 Jun 1834Forest Ground, NottinghamSeven of West Bridgford7William Clarke1S&B Vol2 p264
13 Aug 1834 †Chislehurst, KentKent3England3S&B Vol2 p282
19 Aug 1834Ripon, YorkshireTwo of York2Two of Ripon2S&B Vol2 p286
26 Aug 1834 †Leeds Park, KentThree of England3Three of Kent, or Leeds Club3S&B Vol2 p289
16 Sep 1834Magdalen Hill, near WinchesterHenry Beagley1+1George Freemantle1+1S&B Vol2 p298
23 Sep 1834Alton Butts, HampshireAlton1+1Winchester1+1S&B Vol2 p298
18 May 1835Hall’s Ground, CamberwellH. Hall2A. Mynn2S&B Vol2 p301
18 May 1835 †Hall’s Ground, CamberwellA. Mynn2H. Hall2S&B Vol2 p301
2 Jun 1835Parker’s Piece, CambridgeC. Parnther, Esq.3F. P. Fenner3S&B Vol2 p108
23 Jun 1835Lord’sJ. Cobbett2W. Lillywhite2S&B Vol2 p312
23 Jun 1835Chesterton— Boutell4F. P. Fenner3S&B Vol2 p312
30 Jun 1835ReigateThree of Camberwell Clarence Club3Three of Reigate3S&B Vol2 p316
22 Jul 1835Hall’s Ground, CamberwellS. Redgate2A. Mynn, Esq.2S&B Vol2 p331
14, 15 Sep 1835Senior Ground, North Wall, YorkTwo of York2Two of Sheffield2S&B Vol2 p351
2 Jul 1836Shooting Fields, EtonWilliam Pickering, Esq.1J.O. Byles1S&B Vol2 p370
late Jul/early Aug 1836BrightonB. Good (perhaps G. Goad)2F. Wells2S&B Vol2 p387
12 Sep 1836Forest Ground, NottinghamS. Redgate1Eleven of Kensington Club11S&B Vol2 p392
20 Sep 1836Abrewas, near LitchfieldArthur Girling1William Thompson (alias Bendigo)1S&B Vol2 p395
10 Jul 1838 †Lord’sCambridge Town Club, with Caldecourt3Marylebone, with Wenman and Adams3S&B Vol2 p454
16 Jul 1838YorkTwo of York2Two of Sheffield2S&B Vol2 p456
23 Jul 1838SheffieldTwo of Sheffield2Two of York2S&B Vol2 p456
25 Jul 1838Lord’sThomas Marsden1Richard Broadbridge1S&B Vol2 p464
S&B Vol3 pxiv
20 Aug 1838F. Pilch’s Ground, Town MallingAlfred Mynn, Esq.1James Dearman1S&B Vol2 p474
27 Aug 1838SheffieldJames Dearman1Alfred Mynn, Esq.1S&B Vol2 p477
10 Sep 1838Woodhouse Moor, near LeedsTwo of York2Two of Sheffield2S&B Vol2 p481
12 Sep 1838Saffron Walden, EssexF.P. Fenner1+1Alfred Adams1+1S&B Vol2 p482
18 Sep 1838CambridgeSaffron Walden1+1Cambridge1+1S&B Vol2 p483
8 Oct 1838North Street Bar Walls, YorkTwo of Leeds2Two of York2S&B Vol2 p486
15, 16 Oct 1838Victoria Ground, LeedsTwo of Leeds2Two of York2S&B Vol2 p486
15 Oct 1838Eastbourne, SussexThree of Eastbourne3Two of Chalvington2S&B Vol2 p487
27 May 1839East SheenEast Sheen1Mitcham Union Club1S&B Vol2 p491
11 Jun 1839Richmond GreenMitcham Union1East Sheen1S&B Vol2 p496
5 Aug 1839Trent Bridge, NottinghamGeorge Jarvis1Isaac Johnston1S&B Vol2 p528
26, 27 Aug 1839Trent Bridge, NottinghamGeorge Butler2Butler Parr2S&B Vol2 p537
4 Sep 1839Rochdale, LancashireSherman’s Side3Dearman’s Side3S&B Vol2 p539
6 Sep 1839 †Lower Mitcham Green, SurreyThree of Mitcham3Three of Town Malling3S&B Vol2 p540
25 Sep 1839Three of Rochdale3Three of Manchester3S&B Vol2 p544
3 Oct 1839ManchesterThree of Rochdale3Three of Manchester3S&B Vol2 p545
14, 15, 17 Aug 1840PetworthHenry Osborn2A. Daintrey2S&B Vol2 p588
5 Sep 1840 †Bromley, KentJohn Heath5W. Martingell5S&B Vol2 p596
23, 24 Sep 1840LeicesterThree of Chaddesden and Burton-upon-Trent3Two of Nottingham2S&B Vol2 p599
7 Oct 1840EtonEton1Sunninghill1S&B Vol2 p600
14 Oct 1840Ascot HeathEton1Sunninghill1S&B Vol2 p600
17, 18, 19 May 1841Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldThomas Marsden1Henry Sampson1S&B Vol3 p4
24 May 1841ReadingReading1Eton1S&B Vol3 p5
23 Jun 1841EtonEton1Reading1S&B Vol3 p18
28 Jun 1841BradfordBradford1Leeds Victoria1S&B Vol3 p19
5 Jul 1841Wilson's Ground, ReadingTwo of Reading2Two of Eton2S&B Vol3 p24
7, 8 Sep 1841EtonTwo of Eton2Two of Reading2S&B Vol3 p62
13 Sep 1841F. Pilch's Ground, West MallingH. Dickenson, Esq. and Thomas Hills2J.N. Dudlow, Esq. and T. Selby, Esq.2S&B Vol3 p63
20 Sep 1841Marquis of Salisbury's Park, HatfieldHatfield1Welwyn1S&B Vol3 p66
21 Sep 1841EtonThree of Eton3Three of Windsor3S&B Vol3 p67
29, 30 Sep 1841Dalton, YorksDalton1Nottingham1S&B Vol3 p68
1841Wakefield Heath, YorksLeeds1Dalton1S&B Vol3 p69
11 Jul 1842NorwichW. Pilch (of Brinton)1W. Waller (of Hingham)1S&B Vol3 p95
11 Aug 1842Hingham, NorfolkW. Waller (of Hingham)1W. Pilch (of Brinton)1S&B Vol3 p115
22 Sep 1842YorkR. Letby (of York)1I. Johnson (of Nottingham)1S&B Vol3 p131
18 Oct 1842Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldSheffield1Nottingham1S&B Vol3 p132
20 Jun 1843New Ground, WinchesterThree of Winchester and Easton3Three of Southampton3S&B Vol3 p147
17 Jul 1843D. Day's Ground, SouthamptonThree of Southampton3Three of Winchester and Easton3S&B Vol3 p167
5 Sep 1843Bury- Seakins1C. Arnold1S&B Vol3 p196
15 Sep 1843CoventryCoventry1Birmingham1S&B Vol3 p201
2, 3, 4 Oct 1843Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldThomas Hunt1George Chatterton1S&B Vol3 p205
26, 27 Oct 1843Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldDalton1Nottingham1S&B Vol3 p207
1 Nov 1843Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldSamuel Dakin1Thomas Hunt1S&B Vol3 p207
6 Nov 1843Bradley, near HuddersfieldTwo of Huddersfield2Two of Dalton2S&B Vol3 p208
27, 28 Nov 1843Lane, near HuddersfieldJohn Berry and William Wilson2John Eastwood and Andrew Crossland2S&B Vol3 p208
24 May 1844Beverley Ground, CanterburyThe Lions3The Crowns3S&B Vol3 p218
3 Oct 1844Titchbourne DownThree of Alresford, with Bodle3Three of Alton3S&B Vol3 p292
7 Oct 1844Alton ButtsThree of Alton3Three of Alresford, with Bodle3S&B Vol3 p293
7 Oct 1844Kingston, SurreyTwo of Kingston2Two of Richmond2S&B Vol3 p293
23, 24 Oct 1844Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldSheffield1Nottingham1S&B Vol3 p294
25 Oct 1844Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldG. Coates and T. Hunt2Henry Hall and S. Redgate2S&B Vol3 p294
10 Jun 1845HenfieldE. Napper, Esq., E. Sopp and C. Hammond3A. Smith, Esq., W. Humphrey, Esq. and E. Bushby3S&B Vol3 p310
25 Aug 1845Two of Castle Howard2One of York1S&B Vol3 p364
23, 24 Sep 1845Burton-on-TrentTwo of Derby and Burton-on-Trent2Two of Chesterfield2S&B Vol3 p373
25 Sep 1845T. Box's Ground, BrightonGeorge Brown, jun.1Frederick Wells1S&B Vol3 p374
29, 30 Sep 1845Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldHenry Wright1George Coates1S&B Vol3 p375
13 Oct 1845GravesendTen Licensed Victuallers of Gravesend10Thomas Adams1S&B Vol3 p376
18 Jun 1846Lord'sNicholas Felix, Esq.1+2Alfred Mynn, Esq.1+2S&B Vol3 p394
18 Jun 1846 †Lord'sThree Gentlemen3Three Players3S&B Vol3 p395
4 Jul 1846 †T.Box's Ground, BrightonSussex2Kent2S&B Vol3 p409
20 Jul 1846Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldTwo of Sheffield2Two of Manchester2S&B Vol3 p423
21, 22 Sep 1846Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldNottingham2Manchesteer2S&B Vol3 p470
23, 24, 25 Sep 1846Moss Lane, Hulme, ManchesterManchester2Nottingham2S&B Vol3 p470
28, 29 Sep 1846T. Adams's Ground, GravesendKent2Sussex2S&B Vol3 p470-471
29, 30 Sep 1846Mr. Pawley's, The White Hart Hotel, BromleyN. Felix, Esq.1+2A. Mynn, Esq.1+2S&B Vol3 p471
30 Sep 1846 †Mr. Pawley's, The White Hart Hotel, BromleyN. Felix, Esq.'s Side3A. Mynn, Esq.'s Side3S&B Vol3 p471
7 Oct 1846City Ground, Northampton Arms, Lower Road, IslingtonJames Lillywhite and E. Paul2- Hoston and G. Figg2S&B Vol3 p472
14 June 1847City Ground, Lower Road, IslingtonGeorge Figg1William Goodhew1S&B Vol3 p495
28 Jun 1847Hunslet Moor, LeedsHugh Barrett1+2James Ingham1+2S&B Vol3 p506
16 Sep 1847T. Box's Ground, BrightonJohn Wisden (of Brighton)1Thomas Sherman (of Mitcham)1S&B Vol3 p573
16 Sep 1847 †T. Box's Ground, BrightonJohn Wisden1Thomas Sherman1S&B Vol3 p573
22 Sep 1847MitchamThomas Sherman1John Wisden1S&B Vol3 p575
26 Oct, 1 Nov 1847Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldThomas Hunt and George Chatterton2Henry Wright and Henry Sampson2S&B Vol3 p579
2, 4 Nov 1847Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldGeorge Chatterton and Thomas Hunt2Henry Sampson and Henry Wright2S&B Vol3 p579
3 May 1848F. P. Fenner's New Ground, CambridgeeO. C. Pell's Side5John Wisden's Side5S&B Vol3 p580
27 May 1848Fenner's Ground, CambridgeC. Arnold and H. Cornell2J. Wisden and J. Guy2S&B Vol3 p586
9 Jun 1848F. P. Fenner's New Ground, CambridgeThomas Barker and Daniel Hayward2Oliver Claude Pell, Esq. and John Wisden, Esq.2S&B Vol3 p594
9, 15 Jun 1848Victoria Ground, LeedsT. Senior1J. B. Ibbetson1S&B Vol3 p595
28, 29 Jul 1848LeedsThree of Knaresborough3Three of Bradford3S&B Vol3 p641
31 Aug, 1 Sep 1848 †Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldThree of Sheffield3Three of England3S&B Vol3 p671
27 Sep 1848PetworthThree of Petworth3Three of Northchapel3S&B Vol3 p686
Jul 1849Victoria Ground, Woodhouse Moor, LeedsR. F Skelton, Esq.,1W. R. Denison, Esq.1S&B Vol4 p40
14 Sep 1849Burton-on-TrentE. C. Tinley1T. Hunt1S&B Vol4 p90
24, 25 Sep 1849D. Day's Ground, ItchenTwo Players of Southampton2Three Players of Winchester3S&B Vol4 p99
24 Sep 1850Broadwater, near GodalmingThree Caesars3Three Walkers3S&B Vol4 p212
14 Oct 1850Holt Pound, WreccleshamThree of Farnham3Three of Alton3S&B Vol4 p218
21 Apr 1851Forest Ground, NottinghamThree of Carrington3Thee of the Hyson Green Club4S&B Vol4 p219
19 Aug 1851LeicesterA. Payne, Esq. and Lord Burghley2R. T. King, Esq. and Rev. J. Bradshaw2S&B Vol4 p304
23 Aug 1851Kennington OvalG. Gilbert, Esq.1F. P. Miller, Esq.1S&B Vol4 p309
7, 15 Oct 1851Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldJoseph Barber1Edward Stephenson1S&B Vol4 p331
11 Jul 1853Burley, YorkshireBurley1Otley1S&B Vol4 p495
2, 3 Aug 1853 †Kennington OvalFour of Surrey4Four of England4S&B Vol4 p514-515
9 Aug 1853Broadwater, near GodalmingFour of Godalming4Four of Clapton4S&B Vol4 p526
16, 17 Sep 1853Phoenix Park, DublinTwo of Ireland2Two of England2S&B Vol4 p556
10 Oct 1853Forest Ground, NottinghamRobert Gibson1Thomas Davis1S&B Vol4 p563
12 Aug 1854Warnham Court, HorshamTwo Players of Sussex2Two Gentlemen of the M. C. C.2S&B Vol4 p650-651
14 Aug 1854Richmond GreenWilliam Langsdon (of Kingston)1Benjamin Ward (of Chelsea)1S&B Vol4 p652
30 Sep 1854 †Knight's Ground, BrightonSussex3Surrey3S&B Vol4 p687
17, 18 Oct 1854ChertseyT. Sherman and Julius Caesar2W. Caffyn and H. H. Stephenson2S&B Vol4 p688
27 Jul 1855Town MallingJohn Hoppe, Alfred Hoppe and B. Norton3C. G. Whittaker, Esq. and W. S. Norton, Esq.2S&B Vol5 p79
12 Sep 1855Phoenix Park, DublinThree Gentlemen of Ireland3Thee Undergraduates of Oxford3S&B Vol5 p128
17 Sep 1855StourbridgeGeorge Berry (of Dalton, in Yorkshire)1George Wells (of Wisborough Green, in Sussex)1S&B Vol4 p130
9 Jun 1856Magdalen Ground, OxfordThe Three Messrs. Marsham3Mr. Pottinger's Four4S&B Vol5 p172
1 Jul 1856 †Lord'sThe South4The North4S&B Vol5 p201
15, 16, 17 Oct 1857Victoria Ground, LeedsJ. H. Sadler (of Leeds)1+1J. Grange (of Kirkstall)1+1S&B Vol5 p457
5 Nov 1857BradfordJ. Grange1G. Atkinson1S&B Vol5 p458
Jul 1858Melbourne, AustraliaJohn Mace (of Pleasant Creek)1J. M. Bryant1S&B Vol6 p82
Jul 1858Melbourne, AustraliaJ. Mace1T. W. Wills1S&B Vol6 p83
25 Jun 1860WinchesterW. Caffyn1+2Eleven of the Town of Winchester11S&B Vol6 p399
19 Sep 1860 †SleafordT. Hearne and T. Sewell, jun.2G. Griffith and W. Mortlock2S&B Vol6 p507
3 Dec 1860OtleyOtley1Dacre Bank1S&B Vol6 p517
26, 27, 28, 30 Sep 1861Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldTwo of Cambridge2Three of Stockton-on-Tees3S&B Vol7 p193-194
19, 26 Oct 1861Burley, near OtleyEleven of the Burley Club11William Swain1S&B Vol7 p196
9 Jun 1862Holt Pound Ground, WreccleshamA Two2A Two2S&B Vol7 p271
9 Jun 1862Holt Pound Ground, WreccleshamA Two2A Two2S&B Vol7 p271
4 Jul 1863 †Trent Bridge, NottinghamThree of Nottinghamshire3Two of Cambridgeshire2s&B Vol7 p310
8 Jul 1862Warren Hill, NewmarketAlfred Diver (with a broomstick)1John Jackson, Esq. (with a bat)1S&B Vol7 p319
23 Aug 1862 †PlymouthEleven of the Plymouth Club11Four of the United All England Eleven4S&B Vol7 p404
22 Sep 1862Royal Park, LeedsGeorge Freeman (of Leeds)1Job Pearson (of Farsley)1S&B Vol7 p444
25, 26, 27 Sep 1862Stockton-on-TeesFive of Stockton-on-Tees5Three of Cambridgeshire3S&B Vol7 p447
14 Oct 1862Hyde Park, SheffieldThree of Little Sheffield3Three of Hallam3S&B Vol7 p457
13, 14 Aug 1863Croydon Club GroundThree Brothers Payne3Three of Croydon3S&B Vol8 p165
14, 15 Sep 1863Croydon Clarendon GroundA Two of Surrey2Three Brothers Payne3S&B Vol8 p217
17, 18, 19 Sep 1863Croydon Clarendon GroundThree Brothers Humphrey3Three Brothers Payne3S&B Vol8 p218
20 Sep 1863Lord’sB. Warsop1R. Fennell1S&B Vol8 p222
13 Jan 1864 †BallaratTwo of England2Eight of Ballarat8S&B Vol8 p243
16 Jan 1864 †AraratEleven of Ararat (bar Wills)11One of England1+2S&B Vol8 p245
15 Feb 1864 †DunedinTwo of England2Eleven of Dunedin11S&B Vol8 p251
4 Mar 1864 †CastlemaineTwo of England2+1Eleven of Castlemaine11S&B Vol8 p255
Apr 1864SydneyTwo of England2Four of New South Wales4S&B Vol8 p260
15 Apr 1864 †MaryboroughE.M. Grace16 of Maryborough6S&B Vol8 p262
24 Aug 1864 †Dewsbury, YorkshireJackson, Rowbotham, Pryor3Eleven of of the district11S&B Vol8 p486
6 Sep 1864Parker’s Piece, CambridgeTwo Professionals of the Town of Cambridge2Eleven Amateurs of the Town of Cambridge11S&B Vol8 p509
7 Sep 1864 †IslingtonE. Pooley3G. Wootton3S&B Vol8 p510
26 Sep 1864RadcliffeT. Bignall1+1H. Crook1+1S&B Vol8 p531
8 Oct 1864 †The “Severals”, NewmarketCustance (the jockey)1Mr Wood1S&B Vol8 p537
12, 13 Oct 1864Middlesex County GroundAn Eleven11Three Surrey Players3S&B Vol8 p539
3 Jun 1865 †Trent Bridge, NottinghamThree of Nottinghamshire3Three of Sussex3S&B Vol9 p55
14 Jun 1865 †Ossett, in YorkshireThree of the England Eleven3Nine of Ossett9S&B Vol9 p75
23 Jun 1865 †Kennington OvalFour Players of the South4Four Players of Surrey4S&B Vol9 p103
19 Aug 1865 †Trafford Ground, ManchesterThree of Cambridgeshire3Three of Nottinghamshire3S&B Vol9 p229
6 Sep 1865 †CarlisleFour of the All England Eleven4Ten of Carlisle10S&B Vol9 p261
20 Sep 1865Richmond Green, in SurreyEleven of Richmond11Three of Surrey3S&B Vol9 p280
23 Sep 1865The Crescent School, MargateEleven of the Isle of Thanet11Three of Surrey3S&B Vol9 p287
4, 5, 6 Oct 1865Mr Guy’s Ground, PutneyThree Surrey Players3Eleven of Putney and District11S&B Vol9 p296
28 Dec 1865 †Melbourne, VictoriaFour of New South Wales4Four of Victoria4S&B Vol9 p301
16 May 1866Lord’sHon. T. De Grey (batting one-handed)1C.F. Buller, Esq. (batting one-handed)1S&B Vol9 p333
26 May 1866 †Hamilton Crescent GroundThree of the All England Eleven3Eight of the West of Scotland8S&B Vol9 p348
25 Jul 1866 †WhitehavenEleven of Whitehaven11Three of the All England Eleven3S&B Vol9 p515
27 Jul 1866Gunton ParkLord Skelmersdale1+2Hon. T. De Grey1+2S&B Vol9 p524
9 Aug 1866The Old Ground, YorkGeorge Freeman (of Malton)1+1Henry Terry (of Hull)1+1S&B Vol9 p558
8 Sep 1866 †Southport, LancashireFour of the All England Eleven4Eight of Southport8S&B Vol9 p621
15 Sep 1866Holbeck Recreation GroundE. Scott (of Harewood)1+1A.F. Smith (of Birstall)1+1S&B Vol9 p631
2, 3 Oct 1866Bramall Lane, SheffieldWilliam Shearstone1George Thorpe1S&B Vol9 p645
11 Oct 1866Guy’s Ground, PutneyMr Guy’s Eleven11A Three3S&B Vol9 p647
19 Apr 1867Midsummer Common, CambridgeA Three3An Eleven11S&B Vol10 p4
26 Apr 1867 †ParisTwo of I Zingari2Five of the Paris Club5S&B Vol10 p8
17 Jun 1867Parker’s Piece, CambridgeJ.B. Oakley, Esq. (Pembroke College)1+4Twelve Servants and Tradesmen12S&B Vol10 p106
19 Jun 1867 †Aston Park Ground, BirminghamFour of the All England Eleven4Nine of Birmingham9S&B Vol10 p108
6 Jul 1867 †WolverhamptonEleven of Wolverhampton11Four of the United South of England XI4S&B Vol10 p159
24 Jul 1867 †DudleyNine of Dudley9Four of the United South of England XI4S&B Vol10 p200
24 Jul 1867 †East DerehamThree Gentlemen of Norfolk3Three Gentlemen of Essex3S&B Vol10 p200
3 Aug 1867 †The Dripping Pan, LewesA Four4A Four4S&B Vol10 p227
19, 20 Sep 1867Guy’s Ground, PutneyAn Eleven of Putney11A Three3S&B Vol10 p317
14 May 1868The Common, Tunbridge WellsA Two2A Three3S&B Vol10 p343
13 Jun 1868 †Old Trafford Ground, ManchesterThree of Surrey3Three of Lancashire3S&B Vol10 p415
15 Jul 1868Bramall Lane, SheffieldSix of Sheffield6Three of Yorkshire3S&B Vol10 p503
27 Jul 1868Broadwater Green— Custance’s Side4G. Fordham’s Side4S&B Vol10 p534
1 Aug 1868 †Clifton CollegeVI of Clifton6III of United All England3WG p62
20 Aug 1868Ripley Green, SurreyJ. Potterton (of Wisley Hill)1J. Broomfield (of Send)1S&B Vol10 p595
20 Apr 1869Albert Cricket Ground, SydneyThree of New South Wales3Three of Victoria3S&B Vol11 p6
27 Aug 1870 †Racecourse Ground, NorthamptonNorthamptonshire and District11United North of England Eleven5Northampton Mercury,
3 Sep 1870, p6
27, 28 Sep 1870Mr W.J. Page’s GroundAn Eleven of Middlesex (so called)11Three of Surrey3S&B Vol11 p533
10, 12, 15 Apr 1871Albert Ground, Redfern, SydneyThree of New South Wales3Three of Victoria3S&B Vol12 p5
17 Aug 1871Brunswick Ground, HoveJ. Dean (of Duncton)1+1J. Pagden, Esq.1+1S&B Vol12 p247
21 Aug 1871Hyde Park Ground, SheffieldLeonard Jackson (of Woodseates)1George Thorpe (of Sheffield)1S&B Vol12 p257
26 Aug 1871The "Severals", Newmarket— Parry2T. French2S&B Vol12 p268
24 Aug 1872St Catherine’s Ground, MontrealThree of England3Twelve of the Montreal Club12S&B Vol12 p569
4 Sep 1872 †Northampton (Race Course)Four of the North4Four of the South4S&B Vol12 p592
18 Sep 1872 †Cotmandene, DorkingThree of the United South of England Eleven3Eleven of Dorking11S&B Vol12 p608
14 Jun 1873 †Trent Bridge, NottinghamFour of Nottinghamshire4Four of Yorkshire4S&B Vol12 p720
17 Jun 1873 †Bramall Lane, SheffieldFour of Surrey4Four of Yorkshire4S&B Vol12 p726
19 Jul 1873 †Prince's GroundV of the South5V of the North5WG p151
9 Aug 1873 †Trent Bridge, NottinghamFive of Nottinghamshire5Five of Sussex5S&B Vol12 p892
30 Aug 1873 †St John’s Ground, HuddersfieldFive of Yorkshire5Five of Nottinghamshire5S&B Vol12 p938
4 Sep 1873Malton, YorkshireJohn Hicks (of York)1+1Alfred Brown (of Malton)1+1S&B Vol12 p946
24 Sep 1873 †G. Brown's Ground, NunheadIII of All England3Mr. J. Stedman's XII12WG p158
9 Jan 1874 †StalwellTwelve of the Stalwell Man12The England Six6S&B Vol13 p3
15 Jan 1874 †Ground of the Friendly Societies, WarramboolTen of Warrambool10W.G. Grace, G.F. Grace, Bush and Gilbert4S&B Vol13 p5
17 Jan 1874 †Albert Ground, SydneyTweleve of New South Wales12Seven of England7S&B Vol13 p6
3 Feb 1874 †BathurstTwelve of Bathurst12Jupp, Oscroft, Greenwood, Bush, McIntyre and G.F. Grace6S&B Vol13 p7-8
25 Mar 1874 †Yorke's Peninsular OvalW.A. Paqualin1S. Nottle1WG p160
13 Jun 1874 †Trent Bridge, NottinghamFour of Nottinghamshire4Four of Yorkshire4S&B Vol13 p105
28 Sep 1874G. Brown's Ground, NunheadWhite1+1An Eleven11S&B Vol13 p389-390
1 May 1875Parker's Piece, CambridgeW. Laxton (of Cambridge)1A. Hill (of Yorkshire)1S&B Vol13 p409
26, 27, 28 Oct 1875Queen's Ground, SheffieldThree of Owlerton3Three of Dungworth3S&B Vol13 p770
29 Jul 1876Hove, BrightonTwo of Steyning2Two of Pulborough2S&B Vol13 p1034
5, 6 Oct 1876Half Moon Ground, PutneyAn Eleven of Putney11Three Players of Surrey3S&B Vol13 p1178
18 Sep 1877Queen's Grounds, SheffieldTwo of Dungworth2Two of Oughtibridge2S&B Vol14 p418
1 Oct 1877NottinghamJ. Swift (of Selston, Nottinghamshire)1T. Waterfall (of Ironville, Derbyshire)1S&B Vol14 p422
22 May 1878 †Trent Bridge Ground, NottinghamFour of Nottinghamshire4Four of Australia4S&B Vol14 p497
29 Jun 1878 †Trent BridgeNorth3South3WG p257
28 Sep 1878Aylestone Road, LeicesterA Two2A Two2S&B Vol14 p940
3 Oct 1878MitchamTwo Southerton's (Father and Son)2Two Messrs. Gale (Father and Son)2S&B Vol14 p944
11 Jan 1879 †South MelbourneMessrs. F. Baker, A.G. Major, S.M. English, W.S. Baker, D. Ashby and C. Smith6Messrs. J. Slight, W. Murdoch, - Allan and J.McC. Blackham4S&B Vol17 pxviii
15, 16 Jul 1879Queen's Ground, SheffieldJ. Wolstenholme (Stannington)1W.B. Sides (Winster near Matlock)1S&B Vol16 p220
11 Aug 1879Southwark ParkEleven men employed by Messrs Noakes & Co Metallic Case Works, Spa Road
(using laws of double wicket)
11A Member of the Spa Stores, Spa Road, Bermondsey
(using laws of single wicket)
1+2S&B Vol16 p339
22, 23 Sep 1879Bournbrook Ground, BirminghamEleven of Birmingham
(making runs in front of the wicket only)
11Four of Surrey
(making runs in any direction)
4S&B Vol16 p437
1 Oct 1879Southwark ParkG. Clifford1J. Potter1S&B Vol16 p447
3 Jan 1880 †Melbourne, VictoriaSix of Victoria6Four of Australia4S&B Vol17 p3
4 Feb 1880 †BathurstSix of Bathurst6Four of Australia4S&B Vol17 p8
18 Feb 1880 †OrangeEight of Orange8Four of Australia4S&B Vol17 p11
16 Oct 1883Queen's Ground, SheffieldWadsley2Dungworth2Cricket 1883 p430
3 Apr 1885Bootham Stray, YorkSmokers2Non-smokers2Yorkshire Evening Press
4 Apr 1885
Apr 1885Dungworth, SheffieldThree cricketers of Dungworth3Three gentlemen of Stannington3Sheffield Daily Telegraph
29 Apr 1885
4 May 1885Fulford, YorkT. Bowes and H. Ridsdale2W. Hall and M. Edgar2Yorkshire Evening Press
6 May 1885
12 May 1885Forest GateMr W. Braham of Upton Park1Mr J. Thomas of St Albans1Chelmsford Chronicle
15 May 1885
11 Jun 1885Grantham, LincolnshireT.E. Branson4R. Nelson4Grantham Journal
13 Jun 1885
12 Jun 1885Heslington, YorkTaylor and Boynton2Milner and Goodall2York Herald
15 Jun 1885
17 Jun 1885Frant, East SussexOne of Tunbridge Wells1One of Frant1Kent & Sussex Courier
19 Jun 1885
19 Jun 1885 †ChelmsfordMr Massey, electrician to the Queen1Mr R.E. Compton, electrical engineer1Essex Herald
22 Jun 1885
27 Jun 1885 †Kennington OvalMaurice Read’s Side3Beaumont’s Side3Bell’s Life
29 Jun 1885
4 Jul 1885Sandygate, SheffieldHoyland and Harris2Burgin and Stringer2Sheffield Daily Telegraph
6 Jul 1885
6 Jul 1885Northampton RacecourseA. Rubbra1C. Laughton1Northampton Chronicle and Echo
7 Jul 1885
6 Jul 1885St John’s CC, Kent?A Tradesman1+2A Tradesman1+2Kent & Sussex Courier
10 Jul 1885
7 Jul 1885Earls Barton, NorthantsMr F. Abbott1Mr C. Britten1Northampton Mercury
11 Jul 1885
15 Jul 1885The Park Ground, BrightonMr W.J. Godley1Mr C. Roberts1Brighton Gazette
13, 20 Jul 1885
18 Jul 1885The Rose Inn, SheffieldH. Clifford of High Green1H. Willoughby of Potter Hill1Sheffield Daily Telegraph
20 Jul 1885
20 Jul 1885Northampton RacecourseMr E. Britten1Mr T. Spence1Northampton Mercury
25 Jul 1885
23 Jul 1885Evenly, NorthamptonshireFive Golding Sons5Five of the Village5Banbury Guardian
30 Jul 1885
5 Aug 1885Wadhurst, East SussexJ.A. & E. Howard2J. Durrant1Kent & Sussex Courier
7 Aug 1885
10 Aug 1885Tunbridge WellsMr Varge (a well-known one arm cricketer)1Mr Jackson, of Langton1Kent & Sussex Courier
14 Aug 1885
14 Aug 1885 †Central Ground, HastingsT. Walder1Iden Henham1Hastings and St Leonards Observer
15 Aug 1885
22 Aug 1885Sulgrave, NorthamptonshireMr T. Berry1Mr F. Smith1Banbury Advertiser
27 Aug 1885
22 Aug 1885Ascot New GroundBracknell3Ascot3Reading Observer
29 Aug 1885
26 Aug 1885Middleton Stoney, BicesterJ. Green1J. Tuffrey1Bicester Herald
4 Sep 1885
27 Aug 1885Middleton Stoney, BicesterE. Turner1J. Green and J. Tuffrey2Bicester Herald
4 Sep 1885
29 Aug 1885London And North-Western CCMr C.W. Sansum1Mr W. Lloyd1Northampton Chronicle and Echo
31 Aug 1885
31 Aug 1885J. Quartermaine1Thomas Gohm1Windsor and Eton Express
5 Sep 1885
2 Sep 1885Earls Colne Cricket GroundMr W. Marchant, grocer1Mr W. Harrington, baker1Chelmsford Chronicle
4 Sep 1885
Sep 1885Tinsely, SheffieldT. Baker1J.G. Coldwell1Sheffield Weekly Telegraph
12 Sep 1885
Sep 1885Great Chart, KentTwo of the Cricket Club2Five Others5Whitsable Times and Herne Bay Herald
12 Sep 1885
7 Sep 1885Meadows Ground, NottinghamW. Wright1+1Eleven Men of Nottingham11Cricket 1885 p409, p418, p477
10 Sep 1885Hoyland, South YorkshireMr Dickenson of Hoyland1Mr Wales of Stubbin1Sheffield Independent
12 Sep 1885
19 Sep 1885Park Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse— Flint and B. Ashely2Park CC, Woodhouse2Mansfield Reporter
25 Sep 1885
19 Sep 1885 †Mid Surrey Club, KingstonF. Maskell’s Side7A. Colley’s Side7Surrey Comet
26 Sep 1885
27 Sep 1885Turnham Green CCTwo2Three3West London Observer
3 Oct 1885
28 Sep 1885EastleighHenry Noyce, Southampton, 55yrs1Cornelius Cheater, Eastleigh, 65yrs1Hampshire Advertiser
3 Oct 1885
5 Oct 1885Braunstone, LeicestershireMr Hubbard’s Side3Mr Hand’s Side4Grantham Journal
10 Oct 1885
4 Jun 1886 †Trent Bridge, NottinghamShrewsbury's Side3Scotton's Side3Cricket 1885 p192
15 Feb 1896Singleton, New South WalesAdam Mather1Alf Foster1Cricket 1896 p170, p481
13, 14 Sep 1899DoverA Dover Eleven11Four of Surrey4Cricket 1899 p397
8 May 1905Sapcote, LeicestershireMr Bishop, blacksmith1Mr Pougher, innkeeper1Leicester Daily Post
11 May 1905
5 Jun 1905Trent Bridge, NottinghamH. Woodland (steeplechase rider)1W. Heath1Bolton Evening News
6 Jun 1905
14 Jun 1905Lady Bay Ground, BridgefordH. Walker and J. Cullen2G. Hatton and A. Hatton2Nottingham Evening Post
15 Jun 1905
20 Jun 1905Grendon Underwood, BucksJ. Griffin and R. Cannon2F. Lane and J. Hearn2Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press
24 Jun 1905
27 Jun 1905Grendon Underwood, BucksJ. Griffin and R. Cannon2F. Lane and J. Hearn2Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press
1 Jul 1905
27 Jun 1905Grendon Underwood, BucksT. Herring1G. Darley1Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press
1 Jul 1905
27 Jun 1905Grendon Underwood, BucksG. Darley1T. Kinch1Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press
1 Jul 1905
27 Jun 1905Grendon Underwood, BucksE. Jakeman1H. Perrin1Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press
1 Jul 1905
27 Jun 1905Grendon Underwood, BucksJ. Clarke1H. Perrin1Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press
1 Jul 1905
29 Jun 1905Red Lion Club, BetchworthT. Beadle and P. Jaggers2G. Scrivens and H. Garman2Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser
1 Jul 1905Horsham, West SussexMr S. Colgate1Mr Ernest Agate1West Sussex County Times
8 Jul 1905
Jul 1905Clayton, West YorkshireMr P.C. Dale1Mr H.S. Stephenson1Shipley Times and Express
21 Jul 1905
3 Aug 1905Betchworth Town, WarwickshireMr Joseph Cleverley (rate collector)1Mr Fred J. Davis (baker)1Coventry Evening Telegraph
5 Aug 1905
7 Aug 1905Heaton, West YorkshireJack Pratt1Albert Tasker1Bradford Daily Telegraph 8 Aug 1905
29 Aug 1905SS Dilwara, South AtlanticOfficers9Sergeants9Sporting Life
27 Sep 1905
Sep 1905Witney, OxfordshireMr H.C. Habgood2Mr J. Wilsdon2Witney Gazette and West Oxfordshire Advertiser
30 Sep 1905
7 Aug 1911Wadsley Cricket GoundWadsley2Wadsley Bridge2Green ‘Un
12 Aug 1911
26 Sep 1921Blindley HeathJ.L. & J.W. Knell2G.W. Rothwell & W.E. Ovenden2Surrey Mirror and County Post
30 Sep 1921
11 Jul 1931 †AldingtonMr H. Judge of Aldington1+2Mr S. Long of Mersham1+2Folkestone Herald
18 Jul 1931
6 Aug 1935 †CanterburyGoddard (Gloucestershire)1+3C.S. Marriott (Kent)1+3Nottingham Evening Post
9 Aug 1935