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ACS Cricket Witness Series

This page gives a list of the 10 books so far published in this series.
The list was compiled by Pete Griffiths.

  • No 1: 'Class Peace': An Analysis of Social Status and English Cricket 1846-1962 by Eric Midwinter (146p., 2017)
  • No 2: Cricket and Cannons: Witness of the Game During the Crimean Campaign by David Shimwell (131p., 2017)
  • No 3: The Daffodil Blooms: The Glorious Rise of Glamorgan CCC to County Champions in 1948 by Brian Halford and Andrew Hignell (128p, 2018)
  • No 4: Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England by Adam McKie (156p, 2018)
  • No 5: Whites on Green: A History of Cricket at St Helen's, Swansea by Andrew Hignell and Bob Harragan (161p, 2018)
  • No 6: 'His Captain's Hand on His Shoulder Smote': The Incidence and Influence of Cricket in Schoolboy Stories by Eric Midwinter (156p, 2019)
  • No 7: Cricketscapes: The Changing Geography of Cricket in Enngland and Wales by Andrew Hignell (132p, 2020)
  • No 8: A Tale of Three Managers: The Old Hurst Johnians Cricket Week 1920 to 2020 by Roger Moulton (155p, 2020)
  • No 9: A Tall Story: The Life of Nigel Plews by Andrew Hignell (132p, 2020)
  • No 10: Fly at a HIghest Game: The Story of TAL Whittington and the Elevation of Glamorgan CCC into the County Championship by Andrew Hignell (173p, 2021)