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Other ACS Publications

This page gives a list of the 36 other books published by the ACS.
The books are on a wide variety of subjects but were not published as part of an establishged series.
The list was compiled by Pete Griffiths.

  • Warwickshire Cricket Record Book compiled by Robert W. Brooke (96p., 1982)
  • John Edward Shilton’s Book: The Triumphs and Disasters of a Warwickshire Cricketer by Robert Brooke (64p., 1984)
  • John Player Special League Record Book 1969 to 1986 compiled by Les Hatton (128p., 1987)
  • Kent versus Surrey compiled by George Russ (16p. including covers, 1987)
  • I.C.C. Trophy Competitions 1979, 1982, 1986 (ii, 113p., 1989)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 71, page 4
    I.C.C. Trophy competitions 1990 & 1994, page 119
    errata slip
    I.C.C. Trophy Kuala Lumpur 1997 page 107
  • One Day International Cricket Records by V H Isaacs and R K Whitham (92p., 1990)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 72, page 20
  • Sunday League Record Book 1969 to 1992 compiled by Les Hatton (158p., 1993)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 90, page 37
  • Twenty-one Years of the ACS by Richard Streeton (57p., 1993)
  • I.C.C. Trophy Competitions 1990 and 1994 (119p., 1995)
    amendments in:
    errata slip
    Cricket Statistician number 91, page 3
    Cricket Statistician number 94, page 6
    Cricket Statistician number 96, page 40
    Cricket Statistician number 105, page 13
    I.C.C. Trophy Kuala Lumpur 1997 pages 107, 108
  • England Under-19: Test Matches and One-day Internationals> by Howard Clayton, Peter Griffiths and Derek Sederman (129p., 1996)
  • Benson and Hedges Cup Record Book 1972-1994 compiled by Paul E. Dyson (163p., 1996)
    (note that it actually covers the years 1972-1995)
  • 99 Not Out: Scorecards and Statistics of Women’s Test Matches 1934-1996 compiled by Arthur Stanford and Marion R. Collin (156p., 1996)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 99, pages 6-7
  • I.C.C. Trophy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1997 edited by Peter Griffiths, statistics by Darren Senior (108p., 1997)
  • Gillette Cup and NatWest Trophy Record Book 1963-1996 compiled by Victor and Richard Isaacs (237p., 1997)
  • Country House Cricket Grounds of Leicestershire and Rutland by E E Snow (48p., 1998)
  • The Chronicle of W.G. by J.R.Webber (1,102p., 1998)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 105, page 13
  • Horan’s Diary: The Australian Touring Team 1877-1879 edited by Frank Tyson (358p., 2001)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 120, page 18
  • F.S.Ashley-Cooper: A Biographical Sketch and Bibliography by Peter Wynne-Thomas (40p., 2003)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 125, pages 5-6
  • First-Class on Tour: A Who's Who of Cricketers Who Appeared in First-Class Matches For British Isles Teams Abroad But Did Not Play in First-Class Cricket in Britain by Keith Warsop and Philip Thorn (20p., 2005)
  • A History of Bucks County Cricket Club by Douglas Miller (166p., 2006)
  • Clem Hill’s Reminiscences: The Unwritten History of His Test Career: 1896-1912 edited and annotated by Bernard Whimpress (102p., 2007)
  • Gubby Under Pressure: Letters From Australia, New Zealand and Hollywood 1936/37 by Brian Rendell (106p., 2007)
  • Two Stalwart Scottish Cricketers: John Kerr and Jimmy Aitchison by Duncan McLeish (38p., 2008)
  • Cricket’s Wartime Sanctuary: The First-Class Flight to Bradford by Tony Barker (196p., 2009)
  • Golden Mondays: The Story of Cricket’s Bank Holiday Matches by John Shawcroft (213p., 2011)
  • ICC Intercontinental Cup and ICC Intercontinental Shield by Roy Morgan (xii, 310p., 2011)
  • Cricket’s Historians by Peter Wynne-Thomas (343p., 2011)
  • Cricket’s Historians by Peter Wynne-Thomas (343p., 2011, signed and numbered hard-back limited edition of 40 copies)
  • Double Headers by Keith Walmsley (143p., 2013)
  • Dimming of the Day: The Cricket Season of 1914 by SImon Sweetman (122p., 2015)
  • The Summer Field: A History of English Cricket Since 1840 by Mark Rowe (233p., 2016)
  • A Game Taken Seriously: The Foundations of Yorkshire’s Cricketing Power by Jeremy Lonsdale (336p., 2017)
  • A Guide to the Memorials of Cricketers by Michael Ronayne ([142p.], 2017)
    amendments in:
    Cricket Statistician number 169, page 4, pages 4-5, page 7
  • All Ten: The Ultimate Bowling Feat by Chris Overson (297p., 2017)
    another occurrence in:
    Cricket Statistician number 186, pages 27-29
  • Young Bradman by Mark Rowe (167p., 2018)
  • A Game Sustained: The Impact of the First World War on Cricket in Yorkshire 1914-20 by Jeremy Lonsdale (195p., 2019)
  • A Game Divided: Triumphs and Troub les in Yorkshire Cricket in the 1920s by Jeremy Lonsdale (200p., 2020)