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Name Index of the Britcher Books

Compiled by Don Ambrose

S.BRITCHER: A series of booklets published between 1790 in Maidstone and 1805 in London.
A list of all the Principal Matches of Cricket for each of 16 years in 15 volumes.
   1790 (16 pages); 1791 (28 pages); 1792 (28 pages); 1793 (28 pages); 1794 (30 pages);
   1795 (36 pages); 1796 (40 pages); 1797 (36 pages); 1798 (48 pages); 1799 (32 pages);
   1800 (44 pages); 1801 (44 pages); 1802 (32 pages); 1803 (36 pages); 1804 and 1805 (30 pages).

Reprinted in exact facsimile (together with a 150 page book on Britcher's Scores by David Rayvern Allen) by Christopher Saunders, Newnham-on-Sebern in 2003 as a 212 copy liimited subscription edition in the M.C.C. Cricket Library Series.
This is a complete set of extremely rare booklets.
No complete set of originals exists.

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This set of pages gives an index of every name in the fifteen volumes of Britcher scorebooks
The lists are indexed by surname of the people.