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Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians

The Association of Cricket Statisticians was founded in 1973, and added 'Historians' to its title in 1993. It currently has around 900 members worldwide, including most of the household names of the scoring and statistics world. An early task was to draw up a definitive list of the first-class matches played anywhere in the world, and this has come to be accepted as a baseline by most statisticians across the world.

The ACS's main stated aim has always been "to promote and encourage research into the statistical and historical aspects of cricket throughout the world at all levels and to publish the findings". To date the Association has published over 500 titles covering both the statistical and historical side of cricket, as well as getting on for 200 editions of its journal The Cricket Statistician. On the statistical front, publications include books containing the scorecards of major matches going back to the year 1772, as well as a number of specialist annuals covering areas such as the Second XI competition and players, and the full scores of all overseas first-class matches. On the more historical and biographical side, the ACS publishes a series of short biographies entitled Lives in Cricket, and a more specifically historical series called Cricket Witness.

Full details of the publications that are currently available for purchase can be found on the website acscricket.com, which contains a wealth of other material including the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of cricket records available anywhere, and a growing number of online-only publications dealing with a wide range of statistical and historical aspects of the game.

Lists of the 530 ACS publications
compiled by Peter Griffiths

Each link takes you to a page which shows details of all publications in the set and details of where any errata and addenda can be found.
Note that the list excludes the journal and the bulletin

ACS Journal - The Cricket Statistician

The ACS has back issues to view on-line - see the complete list. This page also includes links to the various indexes published.

ACS Famous Cricketers Series

All 100 publications are available to view on-line - see the complete list.