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Name Index of the Waghorn Books

Compiled by Don Ambrose

Cricket Scores, Notes, &c. From 1730-1773.

Written as reported in the different newspapers. Published by William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London, 1899. xiv+126p. Occasionally comes onto the second-hand market.
The Dawn of Cricket.
Compiled by H.T.Waghorn, published by The Marylebone Cricket Club, and edited by Lord Harris. There is a 3 page Preface by Lord Harris. 204p.
Reprinted in exact facsimile by J.W.McKenzie, Ewell, 2005, with a new two page introduction by John Goulstone. 204p.
An Index to Waghorn. By Martin Wilson, published by Bodyline Books, London, 2005, limited to 150 copies, x+62p.
This covers both the above books and has 16 pages of corrections and notes on these two volumes.
H.T.Waghorn - A Singular Portrait. By Irving Rosenwater, published by Christopher Saunders, Newnham-on-Severn, 2005, in a limited edition of 125 copies. 59p.

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This set of pages gives an index of every name in the two Waghorn books
The Dawn of Cricket
Cricket Scores, Notes, etc from 1730-1773....
The lists are indexed by surname of the people.